Bartier Bros. Vineyard & Winery | Oliver, BC

We have something new we'd like to share with you;

Bartier Bros. Piquette, and Piquette Rosé.


It’s well known that the cost of doing business, including making and selling wine, has gone up, way up. We are loathe to raise our prices to keep up with this. It led us to thinking, if only we could make more wine out of the same grapes. Well, actually we can, and we just did.

Piquette defined:

Piquette is light wine made from a second pressing of the grapes. The sugar in this is much lower, of course leading to lower potential alcohol, 4.2% in the end. After the fermentation and filtering, we added a bit of carbonation; it keeps it fresh, and it makes it refreshing.

Piquette is most commonly associated with France, but almost every wine producing region makes their own version. It’s known as the winemaker’s and the vineyard crew’s drink. Although technically it is wine, we regard it more as a simple refreshment, something to quench your thirst.

We recommend getting it ice cold and then finding a sunny spot to sit back, relax, and enjoy.

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