Cerqueira Vineyard - Black Sage Gravel Bar - Wild Yeast

BB-2014Semillon copy 1

Tasting Notes

Aromas of meyer lemons and blood orange are intense on this wine.  These continue as flavours on a full-bodied palate, which is bright with refreshing acidity.  All of the above continue through a long, crisp finish with an added sesame flavour.  Very versatile for food, try it with satay, sushi, ginger, grilled white fish, and charcuterie to name a few.


Harvested on Sep. 21, the fruit had textbook perfect chemistry, which did not prepare us at all for the anxiety and stress we were about to go through with the long fermentation.  The fruit was crushed and pressed with the hard press fraction kept aside.  Wild yeast fermentation took place in concrete and stainless steel tanks over the next 3 months, leading us to finally help it finish the last 10 grames per litre with a yeast re-inoculation.  No further lees aging was needed after this - the wine had great mouth feel - so filtration and stabilization was done early in the winter and the wine bottled in the spring.

Vineyard Notes

Below Black Sage Road between Oliver & Osoyoos, this vineyard has a gentle West-facing slope.  The soils are a dense loam topsoil above gravel with limestone (calcium carbonate) covered granite cobbles throughout a deep profile.  With the rough surface of calcium carbonate, water stressed vine roots seek out these rocks for the small amount of water to be found on this surface.