2015 Chardonnay

Cerqueira Vineyard - Black Sage Gravel Bar -Wild Yeast

BB-2015Chard copy-2

Tasting Notes

Peach, lime, and caramel aromas show immediately, followed by the same on the palate. The texture is dry, balanced, and full bodies, with a pleasing acidity to keep this wine fresh and refreshing. There is a flinty, struck stone character which is present from beginning on the palate through a long finish.


Bud brust occured evenly by April 23, 2015. Blossom was recorded at 75% complete on June 1, with no remarkable weather events to interrupt this. Fruit set was even and complete by June 15. Hardening of the canes was observed by June 30 and continued through the fall. Veraison was recorded at July 30. The grapes were harvested August 30 ? September 18, with average Brix of 22., pH of 3.32, and TA of 6.4. The grapes were pressed whole cluster to settling tanks, racked, and conducted through relatively warm fermentations in a mix of tanks and barrels over 9 weeks. Ageing on the years lees followed for 6 months, then blending and stabilizing. Bottling took place August, 2016. 

Vineyard Notes

Below Black Sage Road between Oliver and Osoyoos, this vineyard has a gentle West-facing slope. The soils are dense loam topsoil above gravel with limestone (calcium carbonate) covered granite, quartz, and basalt cobbles throughout a deep profile. Irrigation and ground water accept minerals from tehse rocks, and in turn, deliver these to the vines, causing a profound effect on the grapes. The Chardonnay vines were planted in the years 2000 and 2006.


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