2016 Syrah



Tasting Notes

Aromas of struck stone, iodine (in a good way), blackberry and cracked pepper follow through on the palate, and a long finish. This is a bright, fruit, lean and minerally style of Syrah, the consummate example of our style ambition.


Bud burst occured about 2 weeks earlier than normal by April 5, 2016. Blossom was recorded at 75% complete on May 31, with no remarkable weather events to interrupt this. Fruit set was even and complete by June 15. Hardening of the canes was observed by June 20 and continue through the fall. Veraison was recorded at July 30. The grapes were harvest at October 16, with average brix of 22.5, pH of 3.37, and TA of 5.1. The grapes were destemmed and lightly crushed directly into French barrels which had their ends removed. After filing, the barrel heads were replaced and maceration took place over 36 days with the barrels being rolled 2 rotations, twice a day. The barrels were pressed and aged another 14 months in neutral French barrels, and bottled in March 2017. 

Vineyard Notes

Below Black Sage Road between Oliver and Osoyoos, this vineyard has a gentle West-facing slope. The soils are dense loam topsoil, above gravel with limestone (calcium carbonate) covered granite, quartz and basalt cobbles throughout a deep profile. The Syrah block straddle a subtle, sandy ridge caused by an alluvia fan of this sand, overlying the gravel bar. Irrigation and ground water accept minerals from these rocks, and in turn, deliver these to the vines, causing a profound effect on the grapes. The Syrah blocks were planted Spring of 2002. 



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