Bartier Bros Tasting Room

Oliver, BC – September 18, 2015 – Bartier Bros. Vineyard & Winery announced today the opening of their Tasting Room and Visitor Centre in Oliver, BC. 

Explaining the relationship between glacial floods, wine pedigree, and architecture.

“I get excited about rocks,” says Winemaker Michael Bartier.  “We want people to see and taste first hand that wine pedigree comes from farming in rocks – in our case the rocks of the Black Sage Gravel Bar.”

For the opening of the Centre, Bartier Bros. will be serving new releases from their Cerqueira Vineyard, which sits in the Black Sage Gravel Bar; an area of the South Okanagan Valley that co-founder Don Bartier describes as “a cataclysmic flood plain.”  The area was flooded after the last glacial retreat, depositing mineral-rich glacial till which has formed limestone deposits in the gravel.  Bartier Bros. maintains that these deposits are what make their wines and other wines of the area world class. 

Finished just in time for the fall wine-touring season, the Centre features a modern and airy tasting room in a building designed to be architecturally Okanagan.  “The Okanagan is a young wine region in the desert,” says Don, “it’s important for us to feature shade prominently in our design.”  The building design achieves this with large overhangs, timber arbours, and a cooling breezeway, while remaining bright, open, spacious, and contemporary.

The Visitor Centre can be found at 4821 Ryegrass Rd. (formerly known as Road #9) in Oliver, BC.